First, what is this?

My first official blog post, this is pretty exciting. So allow my to introduce myself and what Cycle My Year is all about.

My name is Nicole and I’m an avid cyclist from Toronto. You can see my zipping along the streets on my way to work or tackling the trails on the weekends. Every year, I’ve made a commitment to essentially Cycle My Year, which is to bike the year in km. Unfortunately, I have failed every year.

For 2016, I decided to start a blog that will allow my to keep a bit of a diary of my rides. This will not be updated everyday, because some days I only ride to work, and that can be boring.

Currently I am, 1156.2km in to my goal. The majority of these rides have been rides to and from work. But now that the weather has changed… I’m hoping to getting out for something other then a transportation ride…