Zwift Set up and Challenges

So let’s run through my Zwift set up, I’ll be using my Miele Road bike on a “dumb” Tacx Blue Twist Trainer. Wahoo Blue SC will be my cadence and speed sensors and I’ve got an ANT+ connected to my PC. I might split between using my PC and phone since the sensors can also use Bluetooth. My extra equipment is a fan, music player, water bottles and Skratch labs for hydration. Pretty basic set up for a pretty basic rider.

I’m not quite sure what to expect from the Hunter’s Challenge. I’ve not done any cycling training before, normally I just ride, so this will be a new experience. I’m already anticipating some positive and negatives about the challenge, so let’s discuss shall we:

The Positives:

My bike set up is permanent. Since I’m using an extra room in the house that sees little traffic, I don’t need to move my bike at the end of each session.

ANT+ has been a game changer with Zwift. Previously I had been using it on my phone, but the PC screen is so much bigger which means I’ll be able to see workout information a lot easier.

It should be quieter, fingers cross. Since I will be doing this early morning, I’m hoping to get it completed before the rest of the house gets up.

Overall fitness, I’ll probably improve my fitness levels a bit. That’ll be a plus.

Learn new cycling techniques/training. I’ll be doing cadence drills, one legged pedaling and more.

The Negatives:

Waking up. My aim is to do these workouts in the morning before work so I will have to be up by 5-6am. Not fun.

Technology sometimes hates me, so I might have some connection issues with my sensors.

Burn out. I’m not sure how my body will feel with everyday workouts especially at a high caliber of work. I’m also biking to work so I might experience some cycling fatigue.

Skill, these workouts might be to advance for my skill level which might lead to a loss of motivation.

Nutrition. I’m pretty bad when it comes to eating healthy and properly. So this might help with a downfall.

All in all though, I am pretty excited and nervous to take this on. I think I’ve got an equal amount of positive and negative vibes going on. T-minus 3 days until go time!


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