Hunter’s Challenge Day 1

So Day 1 came and went. I ended up getting a later start then I planned and ended up riding at 8:30pm rather than my scheduled morning time. I might end up switching the workouts to night since there seems to be less distractions for me. Who knew my house was so busy at 5:30am.

The schedubike 2led workout was Cadence Crusher. According to the description cadence should be the number 1 priority and power comes second. The goal is to “teach your leg muscles to produce the same power but at a high RPM”.

Cadence Crusher was a pretty good workout. It was interval training and the highest power/wattage I had to hit was 325W. I didn’t feel like I was going to pass out at the end of the workout but I definitely felt my legs had put a good ebike 3ffort in.

It guided you through the workout so I knew exactly how much time I was spending in each zone. It also outlined what was coming up during the duration of the workout. I had a hard time holding the exact wattage since I don’t own a smart trainer so I was about 10W above the prescribed power, which was ok.

I did not like that this workout did not have any cadence information. If cadence was the number 1 priority, I should have been told which cadence I should be aiming for. Reading the description I should have done 10 more than what my normal cadence would be. So I basically aimed to sit at 90-100 RPM and hit the power.


Route: London Classique
Distance: 20.7km
Duration: 39mins
Avg Cadence: 87
Avg Power: 171W
Max Power: 341W
Max Cadence: 117

Overall I enjoyed the workout and felt like put some good effort in. If I could make one change, I’d suggest they add some cadence goals while riding.


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