Hunter’s Challenge Day 2

Day 2, Micro Bursts.

I’m not sure if micro bursts is the right name for this workout. I think pain, soul breaking, terrible should all be included in the title because these were hard. Very tough and lasted about 5 mins and there were three rounds.

The workout was laid out as followed, 10 min warm up, 20×15 second at 150% FTP followed by 15 second rest at 50% FTP, which you repeated 3 times. Between each round was a 5 min recovery at 60% FTP, and lastly a 10 min cool down.

The first set of the soul breaking pain suckers as I’m going to call micro bursts from now on, went well. They were hard but the 20 rounds went by pretty fast.

bike 2

I was able to hit the 150% FTP pretty easily, getting down to 50% FTP was not so easy for me, and as a result I “failed” each of the bursts; essentially I was going from 325W to 110W. I think this issue was more due to my trainer, in the end I just pedaled backwards to lose the power quickly but keep the legs moving.

Overall I did enjoy the workout, my legs were feeling it at the end but a great workout. I felt it was very nicely organized and no major complaints from my end. It’s definitely a good workout to get the blood moving and work on some sprinting foundation. My fan also got a full workout being at full blast during the ride.


Route: London Classique
Distance: 32.1km
Duration: 1:00
Avg Cadence: 75
Avg Power: 183W
Max Power: 355W
Max Cadence: 173


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