Hunter’s Challenge Day 3

Day 3 – Cadence & Heart Rate

For this workout I had to switch over to my phone so I could run both the heart rate and cadence/speed sensors through Zwift. For some reason, my ANT+ will not pick up the heart rate monitor so I tend to not use it or run it through another app on my phone. With my phone in play, I ended up utilizing my computer for Netflix; Fuller House is a pretty good, but boy such a cheesy show, thankfully it helped the hour and a half go by fast.

The idea behind this workout is to see how riding at difference cadence affects the heart rate. Essentially you ride at 85% FTP for 50 mins and 75% FTP for 20 mins. For 10 mins you alternate every minute between 85% and 75%. After 10 mins you ride 3 sets of 15 mins at 85% FTP and 3 sets of 5 mins at 75% FTP.

For the first 10 mins you alternated between roughly 100 RPM and 70 RPM; switching every min. When it came to the 3 sets at 85% FTP, you changed your cadence each set. Set 1 was spend at 110+ RPM, set 2 at 90 RPM and set 3 at 75 RPM. The 5 mins recovery between each of the efforts above was spend at 65-75 RPM.


This workout was pretty great, I really enjoyed it. Unlike the Cadence Crusher workout, this one gave you prompts on screen for what cadence you should be riding. I liked the beginning of the workout with the switching of power, it allowed me to settle into the effort as I had an entire minute to gain power and keep it unlike yesterday’s workout where I had 15 seconds to hit the power outlined.

I had an issue hitting the cadence efforts. It seems for me to hit 85% FTP and the cadence I was bouncing around a lot on the bike; which was not good on my knees or for the bike. If I switched gears, I was not hitting the RPMs I needed. So I decided for the safety of my bike and my knees (which were aching by set 2 of 15mins), I’d aim for 100 RPM during high power output and 70 RPM during the lower ones. It seems anything over 103 RPM produced a lot of bounce. I’m not sure this is due to both my skill level and set up. So hopefully I will be able to improve this.

Route: London Classique
Distance: 46.7km
Duration: 1:25
Avg Cadence: 82
Avg Power: 176W
Max Cadence: 111
Max Power: 247W

Apparently I burned 1001 calories?! Which is insane! And since I have a free trial of Strava, my suffer score was 35 which meant I spent the most time in Zone 2.

Zwift was pretty busy when I started the workout, seems there were a ton of group rides/races happening on the route I took. Thankfully I will also be experiencing some new scenery for Day 4’s ride. Watopia is the map in play.



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