Hunter’s Challenge Day 4 & 5

I’ll be completely honest, I did not ride on Wednesday (Day 4). I was exhausted from lack of sleep, I felt that I had to take a day off, so both workouts got done on Thursday. Thankfully these were two workouts that could be paired together nicely.

Also, I was also able to connect my heart rate monitor through my ANT+ during Pirate Pedaling. This was not an ideal set up as it constantly kept dropping the signal.

Day 4 – Cadence Drills

So just as it sounds, this workout was spent at various degrees of cadence. Once you entered a new interval/power you were given a cadence to aim for, these tended to be anywhere from 65 to 140 RPM. I’m not sure if its my skill level or my set up but I seem to bounce like crazy if I try to hit high power and over 100 RPM, so unfortunately I tended to aim for the lower end of the drills, I spent my time in the 70 to 100 range.

So how was this workout laid out? For 20 minutes you switched every minute from 85% FTP to 115% FTP and you were given the cadence to aim for; for the lower power minute you essentially had to hit 65-85 RPM and for the higher power 100-140 RPM.  After those drills were done, you had a 5 minute recovery at 75% FTP and a 20 minute “Sweet Spot Pedal” which you held at 85% FTP and they changed the cadence you had to hold.

I really enjoyed this workout. I think I had mentioned before that I enjoy the 1 minute interval drills, it allowBikes me to ease into the power and get comfortable in it. Bursts of power just don’t seem to be my thing, I’m more of a long distance rider then a sprinter so this makes sense. I prefer to settle into my work. Overall a very solid workout. I even got a perfect 24 stars!

Day 5 – Pirate Pedaling

I did not really enjoy this one. My skill is not at the level where I can one-leg pedal comfortably. I was jerky and awkward; not an enjoyable experience. So essentially it was 20 minute one-leg intervals, each interval was broken down into 2 minutes so 1 minute per leg; these drills were spent well below FTP at 35-40%. There was also some cadence drills thrown in. I’ll be honest, I didn’t always do one-leg pedaling for the full minute. My left leg was jerky and my right leg would have too much power. This is obviously something I will need to work on after this challenge is complete.

The rest of the workout was spend two leg pedaling, so after the above 20 minutes was completed you had a 5 minute “recovery” at 75% FTP followed by 40 minutes of intervals; 1 minute 85% FTP, 1 minute 75% FTP. The end of the workout was a 10 minute ride at 85% FTP. Bike2

I did not like this workout at all but that had everything to do with my skill and not the workout itself. This was probably my hardest workout to date, the others were hard but this was the first that I wanted to completely end early. I was counting down the clock and had to distract myself with other things so I could get through it and not focus on the time remaining. It really tested everything I had.


Route: Watopia Volcano Flat
Duration: 2:40
Distance: 82.8km
Avg Power: 167
Avg Cadence: 81
Calories: 1746



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