Biking Totals

So with the start of a new month, I figured I’d give an update on what Cycle My Year is about and my cycle totals so far.

So a few years ago I came across a challenge to Run Your Year and the idea was you run that year in km (or miles). I thought what a fantastic way to mark your year. You’d have over 2000km of achievements, stories and fun to end the year with. So instead of run, I set out to bike my year. The first two years I attempted (2014-2015) I failed. I didn’t come close to my goal but I did get out on my bike. I then joined a cycle club and by July 17, 2016, I hit 2016km. That was 2016km of bike commutes, sun rises and sun sets. I biked to locations I hadn’t previously; Niagara Falls (160km) and Scarborough Bluffs (30km) and many more locations.

This year, I set out the same goal to ride 2017km in 2017. Currently I am at 1422km between my outdoor commutes (its been too cold for anything else) and my indoor rides on Zwift. It’s going to be pretty easy to complete the 2017km goal in April; between indoor and outdoor rides I only have 595km left.

So my goals will be to hit 2017km cycled both indoor and outdoor which will bring the yearly total to: 4034km.

Here’s where I am so far:


Outdoor Totals

Indoor Totals











541.4 880.6

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