Hunter’s Challenge Day 6 & 7

I’ll admit I failed, my goal was to finish the Hunter’s Challenge in 28 days but I had to take an unexpected 2 days off so I’ll be finishing closer to 30 days… but that’s ok, things happen.

Day 6 – Tractor Pulls!

Yeehaw! The idea behind tractor pulls is to help build muscular strength and sprint. You are to keep your hands in the drops and stay seated the entire interval. You start the 30 second clock once in gear and controlled. Well I did barely any of that. So I did keep my hands in the drop, but I didn’t sloBike2wly move into gear, or set a timer. Oops. One thing I would have liked from this workout is more indication of where the interval started, was the interval the first set of over/unders or was it the 10×1 minute at 115% FTP? So because I didn’t know where to start the tractor I ended up just riding as normal but in the drops.

Day 7 – Super Peaks Pyramid

This workout is to get some short bursts of intensity in the anaerobic zone. It is as it sounds, a pyramid. You start at low power-high power-low power. BikeIt was a good workout, the highest power was 345W, and they also threw in some cadence to aim for and what gear (big/small ring) you should be using. Also, apparently I was so fast, I was was like a blur!

Overall both workouts were pretty solid and enjoyable. I do wish Zwift would take a note out of TrainerRoad’s book and add a bit more description while riding. Maybe not compose the novel TR does but maybe a little note when the interval starts.


Route: Watopia Valcano Flat + London Classique
Duration: 2:51
Distance: 93.3
Avg Power: 179.5
Avg Cadence: 77


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