Goodbye Zwift

I love Zwift, I truly do! But unfortunately for me, at this time, I had to give it up as my primary go-to trainer. Argh, I didn’t want to, but I felt that I was not improving my overall fitness while using Zwift’s workouts. I love the community, the opportunity for races and the overall fun that Zwift is, but I feel for me, I need something a bit more structured. So, I decided to jump back into TrainerRoad.

Some of the reasons for this change has to do with my set up. Zwift doesn’t seem like it is compatible with “dumb” trainers. While my trainer is compatible and they have a measure of power for it, I noticed some inconsistencies with my output. I performed two FTP tests in Zwift weeks apart. One test resulted in 298W FTP! I actually felt stronger when I took the second test, but it resulted in an 81W drop, and I was now at 217W FTP. On top of this, Zwift would not read any power over 374W, and once I hit 374W the power would decline rapidly. Zwift gave the delusion that I was a Cat 3 racer when I am nowhere close to that.

I will still use it sparingly. Some days I might use it with TR workouts for the virtual world. I might use it for an easy ride on a rest day to get the legs spinning. I might also participate in a race or 2. This is by no means a goodbye to Zwift, just a “we’re on a break”.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Zwift

  1. Zwift is a tough one for those with “dumb” trainers using estimated power. Little variances like tightness of the roller, a few psi of tyre pressure, how warm your roller has got, etc can make big differences to the power reading. I’ve never tried the Zwift workouts, just group rides and races. Seems to be working, but a bit of extra structure would go a long way.


    • I agree, it is tough when your trainer doesn’t regulate the power for you. It was the little things I just couldn’t overcome. Though I will still be using it for group rides and warm ups prior to my weight workouts.


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