Sweet Spot Base Update + Keto + Weight Training + Marathon Training

I haven’t been blogging… I’ve been riding but no blog for the last few days. I’ll give you a quick round up on all things fitness life.

As of last Sunday I started following TrainerRoad’s Sweet Spot Base Mid Volume 1. My goal is to do all rides in the morning and as a fasted cardio session. So far I’ve been mixed on the early morning workouts, some days I can do them, some days I can’t get up. Either way I have been putting in the work and feeling good. I’m currently on Day 7. Weekly updates will be happening on Friday/Saturday.

I am slowly transitioning into a Keto Diet, so currently I am Keto for at least 2 meals a day. I’m taking this month as a learning/transitional month and then I aim to follow keto exclusively in May. I’ll post another blog on my reasons why and what I’m doing.

Starting today I will be adding some weight training into my day. I’ll be adding this as my evening workouts and will be following Body Beast as I do better following a specific program. I’ll be following my own variation of the schedule with added rest days.

Lastly, I am Marathon Training… oh geez! Currently I’ll be running 1-2 days per week (off days) and increasing in late spring/early summer. I’ll be doing lunch runs at work as well as some training on the weekend.

So pretty busy update in terms of my fitness.


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