I don’t know how to blog!

As the title states, I’m not too sure what I’m doing right now. When I started this I didn’t have a clear picture in my mind of what I wanted. Did I want this to be a training journal or a review site. Did I want to talk something specific, or nothing at all. I had no idea!

After sitting down and thinking about the blog, I had a general idea of what I wanted to do. I like the idea of discussing cycling related topics, the name is Cycle My Year so makes sense. But I have other things I want to talk about. Also, how much did I want to blog? Every day, once a week? There was so much to consider.

First thing I decided is everyday blogging is not for me. Right now my goal is to blog 3 days a week (give or take). Next was what I was going to talk about, I don’t want to only talk cycling. Maybe I want to write a post about the show I watched last night or my favorite band at the moment. So below are the guidelines I will be following:

Breakaway Monday

This is where I will discuss a variety of topics anything from TV to Weather.

What it is Wednesday

I envision this as my review or education spot. As I learn about cycling and training, I’ll pass down what I’ve learned.

Training Friday

I will be discussing my training; whats working, whats not working.. Anything related to my training for the week, and goals for the next week.

So thats the plan. Will I do 3 blogs a week? Probably not, as I’m sure some posts might take longer to create than others. But overall I’m happy with what I came up with.

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