Day 0.0 – Delays…

So I was all hyped to start bike training this week but due to some delays (or rather laziness), I have pushed back my start day to Monday May 22. One of the main reasons for this, is I’m going to try to log my training and since my marathon training plan starts that same week, I thought for consistency sake I’d start both plans at the same time.

Both plans I am following are 12 weeks and the weeks will look as followed:

Bike: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Run: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Off: Sunday

My previous post I mentioned my goals for the bike which are to increase endurance and aerobic fitness. So my running goals, I have 22 weeks until my marathon, my goal is run a sub 5hr race.

With that said, I have only a few more days of rest before the work starts…


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