Day 1: 8 Minute FTP Test (Monday May 22, 2017)

The dreaded FTP Test… I didn’t dread this workout until I was about 30 minutes into it. First off, I planned to do this workout in the morning but unfortunately I wasn’t able to hop onto the bike until 9pm. Second, it got so unbearably hot! The weather was cool but once I started my two fans were not performing their job properly.  Other than those issues the workout went ok. I’ve performed a few FTP tests since January, so I knew what I was in for.

The FTP test is essentially an hour long but the actual test is only 16 minutes, there are two 8 minute time trial intervals that calculates FTP. For me, the number wasn’t incredibly important, I didn’t care if I increased. Fortunately I did! My FTP currently sits at 175; which is an increase from my previous number. So this number will dictate the intensity of every other trainer ride.

I felt strong at the end of the workout though cardio right before bed is not good. But what can ya do!

Duration: 1:00
Heart Rate: 135
Avg Speed: 31km
KM: 30.9km
Strava Suffer Score: 35

Song of the Workout: Survivor by Destiny’s Child.


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